Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tag: social activism

In times of war, digital activism has power. Here’s how to...

Eyewitness accounts, verified facts and culturally sensitive reporting are competing with misinformation, political propaganda and irresponsible journalism.

What Role Were You Born to Play in Social Change?

Bill Moyer's Four Roles of Social Activism is a powerful tool that clarifies how we work for change on two levels: individually and organizationally.


Hate speech arrest of ex-US official sparks wider conversation on Islamophobia and anti-Arab sentiment

A clash of prejudice and justice: exposing the underbelly of racial and religious intolerance in America.

Our rich: fooling themselves and fouling our planet

Electric air taxis aren’t going to save the world. Really taxing the rich, on the other hand, could.

Surging hunger in the US signals alarming trend as food aid cuts take toll

As vital food aid programs expire, millions of Americans face rising hunger challenges, reveals Hunger Free America's 2023 National Hunger Survey Report.

Backing Biden for 2024, conformist Democrats have been in denial. Now they’re in a...

“The truth remains that a president is not his party’s king and has no automatic right to renomination.”

Deadly shadows: new study reveals over 460,000 U.S. deaths linked to coal pollution since...

New study reveals coal pollution's dire impact on U.S. public health, with over 460,000 deaths in two decades.