Saturday, April 13, 2024

Tag: water

New study finds detectable plastic fragments in bottled water that invade...

A new study explored the world of nanoplastics and their presence in bottled drinking water.

California sets new trend by turning sewage into tap water

This decision is not just about technological advancement; it reflects a significant shift in water management strategies.

EPA announces Lead and Copper Rule Improvements proposal to remove lead...

The proposal requires states, water utilities, and communities to locate lead water service lines, then utility companies are tasked with replacing a minimum of 10 percent of the lead water pipes every year to reach completion within the 10-year time frame.

Gaza’s unseen crisis: Tens of thousands of children and pregnant women...

Why has the global community been slow to react to this water crisis?

‘I expect you to die’—Israel’s biggest crime isn’t threatening hospitals, it...

Netanyahu is saying the same thing to pregnant mothers, toddlers, and other civilian collateral damage of his total war on Gaza.

Nestlé drops supplier linked to Indigenous land invasions

Marfrig cattle suppliers analyzed in the investigation were linked to more than 150 sq km of deforestation in recent years.

Biden infrastructure report pushes ‘disastrous water privatization schemes,’ watchdog says

"Instead of relying on Wall Street advisers, President Biden should support policies that will truly help communities."

Groups press Biden EPA to take emergency action amid Jackson’s ongoing...

"We are talking about our health, our lives, our ability to make a living. Water is life. This petition is about making sure our voices, and our needs as residents, are centered in this process. It's only right."

More than 800 tons of agricultural pesticides leach into world’s rivers...

Agricultural pesticides leach into the world’s rivers and oceans each year at an alarming rate, damaging a variety of ecosystems.


FAA Reauthorization Act’s stealth attack on student loan forgiveness

Inside the bill lies a clause that could effectively pilot a broader campaign against the cancellation of student debts, starting with those incurred for flight training and education.

Is it inflation? Or is it ‘greedflation?’

Inflation is dropping, but prices aren’t coming down. So how can this be?

There is only one spaceship Earth

This is how to free the world of genocide and ecocide.

The break-up?

Are the United States and Israel no longer friends?

Billionaire fortunes double in wake of Trump’s tax cuts

The report sheds light on the private equity sector, often criticized as "vulture capitalism," revealing that 45 private-equity billionaires alone have amassed a collective wealth of $210.8 billion.