Tightening Race Between Sanders and Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire


The newest poll results from the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics show that although Hillary Clinton is still in the lead with 49 percent, Bernie Sanders is still showing strong numbers with 39 percent.

According to Sander’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, the final results will be determined on who shows up on voting night. There is strong support for Bernie from young people and first-time voters. Meanwhile, Weaver says Clinton “draws support from 64 percent of those 65 or older, while Sanders draws support from 58 percent of those younger than 45” and “leads by sizable margins with women (54 percent to 35 percent) and the highest income group, earning $100,000 or more (55 percent to 30 percent).”

Clinton’s numbers in the new Iowa poll are up from October, mostly due to Joe Biden’s decision to stay out of the 2016 presidential race. It seems many of Biden’s supporters have decided to back Clinton.

The poll also identified various strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Some important notes were that Sanders is stronger on many topics, such as “will do the most to rein in the power of Wall Street”, “will fight the hardest for the middle class”, and “is most honest and trustworthy.”

Clinton is stronger than Sanders in categories such as “has the most appropriate life experience to be president” and “can best combat Islamic terrorism.”

Looking at the categories that each excels in, it may just depend on what matters the most to those who turn up to vote.

In New Hampshire, Sanders leads Clinton by 5 percent. The final vote in New Hampshire could depend on who wins first in Iowa.


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