#BlackLivesMatter MN At Mall Of America, Transit & Airport


Black Lives Matter Minnesota raised its voice in multiple locations December 23rd, disrupting shopping, the metro system and the airport  to protest the November killing of Jamar Clark, a black man by Minneapolis police.  Their demands:

#ReleaseTheTapes of his killing
-Prosecute the police involved without a grand jury by a special prosecutor
-Federal domestic terrorism charges against white supremacists who shot 5 protestors
-Institute a safety plan to protect our communities from Police violence
-Disinvest from police and reinvest in Black futures

There was litigation by Mall of America, which feared a repeat of last year’s Black Lives Matter protest. While media reports were confused the court did not block a protest at Mall of America, the court only forbid three people from attending the protest. After last year’s protest the mall attempted to hold protest organizers responsible for their financial loses but this failed in court and charges were dropped against 11 organizers. Mall of America has been aggressive in trying to stop protests, spying on protesters and infiltrate protest movements with a fake Facebook page but this seems to have had a reverse impact as protesters continue to target the mall.

Below are tweets describing the day which began at Mall of America, moved on to the metro and then to the airport.

This story was originally published on Popular Resistance.


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