Oregon Sheriff: The FBI is Pursuing a Criminal Case Against Armed Men Occupying Federal Building

Media and satellite trucks are seen at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, January 4, 2016. A group of self-styled militiamen occupied the headquarters of a U.S. wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon in a standoff with authorities, officials and local media reports said on Sunday, in the latest dispute over federal land use in the West. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

David Ward, Sherriff for Harney County, Oregon, has stated that the FBI will pursue charges against the armed men occupying the Masher National Wildlife Refuge.

Sherriff Ward told Oregon Public Broadcasting that the FBI is “is handling a criminal case against the armed men occupying the refuge since Saturday” and that “the bureau has assured me that those at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will at some point face charges.”

It is unclear what charges the men are facing.

Ward also urged members of the community not show any support for the armed occupies, including sending them any snacks:

“I think if one person gives them a Snickers bar, they’re going on national media and claiming that the community supports them. If you’re giving them support, you’re just prolonging the situation.”

The situation began on January 2, when armed men stormed the Malheau National Wildlife Refuge, a federal building outside Burns, Oregon, and claimed that they would not “would not rule out violence if law enforcement tries to remove them.”

The group is protesting the recent charges of two Oregon ranchers that were convicted of arson on federal land.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have started mocking the militia men with hashtags like #YallQaeda and #VanillaISIS:

Where serious progressive media outlets have asked the following:


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