Clinton’s Attacks on Bernie Sanders Backfire


Being dubbed “panic attacks”, Hillary Clinton’s recent dirty attacks on Bernie Sanders’ campaign, targeting his single-payer proposal, have backfired.

Not only did the Sanders campaign see a surge in donations after the attacks began, but Bernie has continued to rise in the polls against Clinton.

After sending fundraising appeals that called Clinton’s attacks “vicious”, Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said the campaign raised about $1.4 million in less than day:

“We’ve gotten 47,000 contributions. We’re projecting 60,000 donations. Even for our people-powered campaign, this is pretty darn impressive.”

A new poll released this morning from Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics shows that Sanders is only behind Clinton by two points. Not only is this a surge from last months 9 point difference, it is within the margin or error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

And Sanders is making Clinton nervous. A recent fundraising appeal from the Clinton campaign was delivered via email with the subject line “nervous.” In the email Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook states:

“I’m not trying to be dramatic about this (I swear! I’m really not!), but there’s a situation developing in Iowa and New Hampshire that could change the course of this election.”

Within the last week Sanders has gained the endorsements of, Democracy for America, and The Nation.


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