Hundreds March Against Murder of Noel Aguilar by LA Sheriff’s Deputies


Hundreds of protestors took the streets yesterday to protest the brutal murder of 23-year-old Noel Aguilar by Sheriff’s Deputies. The march made it’s way from a liquor store in Long Beach to the sheriff’s Compton station.

Some of Noel’s last words were “I’m dying,” and “I don’t have any gun.” That’s because on May 26th, 2014 two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies (Albert Murad and Jose Ruiz, both who are on field duty) murdered and planted a gun on him.

Protestors started the march at a liquor store in Long Beach.

Hundreds of people marched through the streets towards the sheriff’s Compton Station.

Then, activists moved to block the Metro Blue line train, right by the sheriff’s Compton department, shutting service down for about an hour.

Afterwards, friends of Noel and organizers were speaking on the people’s mic out in front of the police station.
Things got heated when police arrested two protestors. Police accused them of throwing rocks or bottles, and charged them with vandalism – a common excuse for snatch and grab arrests.

Protestors rushed over to support their arrested comrades, and engaged in a standoff with police as people chanted “let them go!”

Cops pulled out weapons and put on helmets, some police carried orange shot guns, the mark for “less than lethal.” However, other officers had black grenade launchers out and did not indicate what kind of rounds they had (likely flash bang grenades).

The police were well aware that there were quite a few children in this protest, the fact that they were prepared to shoot grenade launchers and “less lethal” shotgun rounds at an innocent crowd of families just to clear a parking lot is frightening to say the least.

The police didn’t shoot their weapons at the crowd, but in California, they sometimes do. In July of 2012, police unleashed attack dogs and fired these “less lethal” rounds at families and babies.

Protestors emphasized that the two cops who committed this murder are still on the streets, as are so many others. They’re also going to put extra pressure on district attorney Jackie Lacey, who they call “white supremacy with a black face” because of her refusal to file charges on the cops who murdered Noel Aguilar, Ezell Ford, Omar Abrego, Carlos Oliva, Johnny Martinez (all unarmed), and many more.

Coalition for Community Control Over the Police have planned a protest at her re-election campaign HQ on February 6th at 1 PM for covering up police terrorism.

This post was originally published on Revolution News.


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