Noam Chomsky on Bernie Sanders and Our ‘Bought’ Political System


Noam Chomsky appeared on AlJazeera for an exclusive interview, during which he spoke about Bernie Sanders and his “socialism” views as well as our “bought” political system.

Chomsky feels that although Sanders calls himself a socialist, he is really a “new dealer”, meaning he is “way out on the left.” He also calls Sanders “a decent, honest, new dealer.”

Although Chomsky is skeptical of Sanders ability to win, he does believe that he would have the best policies and remains his preferred candidate.

He also goes on to discuss the differences in the Republican and Democratic parties, and why his vote “would be against the Republican candidate” no matter who the Democratic or Republican candidate is:

“Every Republican candidate is either a climate change denier or a skeptic who says you can’t do it. What they are saying is ‘Let’s destroy the world’ is that worth voting against?”

You can watch the full segment, part 2 of his interview, above.


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