Ted Cruz Leads Blocking of Flint Aid, Changes His Mind Right Before Republican Debate


This week it was reported that Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is leading the opposition for aid to Flint residents, where an going water crisis has made hundred of people sick.

Cruz blocked the deal by placing a hold on the vote for funding, even though Democrats were willing to negotiate the spending. He, along with the other Republicans opposing federal aid to Flint, are insisting that the water crisis in Flint is a local matter and should be funded as such.

This isn’t the first time that Cruz has opposed federal aid to a disaster area. He voted against sending aid for victims of hurricane Sandy. Cruz argues that the package was “too large” and did “more than meet the immediate needs of Sandy victims.”

Yet Cruz doesn’t hold these same sentiments for his own home state of Texas. He has, on multiple occasions requested federal aid for disasters in Texas. The same year that he voted against the Sandy Aid package, he requested federal relief for the victims of a Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Cruz also requested federal money to help after the floods in Houston:

Then suddenly, right before the GOP debate on Thursday night, Cruz flipped and announced he was stop blocking the aid package for Flint. Most likely, this was due to him wanting to avoid questions relating to the situation during the debate, and in preparation for the Michigan primary on March 8.

Who wants a hypocrite for President?


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