WATCH: Bernie Sanders Appears on State of the Union: “Our Numbers Will Continue to Get Better”


Ahead of the debate on Sunday, Bernie Sanders appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss is most recent wins in Kansas and Nebraska and what he plans on discussing at the debate.

Sanders offered a message of hope for some that might be worried about the outcome of his campaign after his recent losses in the South:

When asked “You tend to win states that are white, and Hillary wins states with large majority populations. What are you going to do in tonight’s debate on CNN in Flint Michigan to change that dynamic?”

Bernie answered: “What we are seeing in most cases is not just a racial divide, but a generational divide, we are doing better and better with younger people whether they are Black, Latino, or White. Our numbers are getting better and better, in general our numbers are getting better. Truth is we have not done well in the deep south, but I am absolutely certain that our numbers will continue to get better. And what we have done, based on yesterday at this point, we have now won seven primaries and caucuses all across this country, all with double digit victories.”

You can watch the full interview above. Please make sure to tune into the debate tonight on CNN.


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