Bernie Sanders Sues the DNC


The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has officially sued the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Federal court today after being barred by the DNC from access to crucial voter information nearly a day.

Both parties are awaiting results from an independent audit into the security breach in December, which briefly allowed the Sanders campaign access to voter files from Clinton’s campaign.

The campaign immediately fired the data official and at least three aids who accessed the files.

The Sanders campaign was given a Thursday deadline by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to serve the DNC unless they wanted to risk the case being dropped. The Sanders campaign argues it took a serious blow being denied access to crucial voter files.

They are seeking $75,000 in damages. Both the DNC and the Sanders campaign are working hard to resolve the legal issues and conduct the process amicably. Things will move ahead once the results of the audit come in.


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