Sanders Is Close to Overtaking Clinton Among Nonwhite Voters


Until recently, Bernie Sanders has had a serious problem with a lack of support among minority voters, mainly African-Americans, costing him wins in the South.

Now, new poll results show the Vermont senator gaining on the former first lady and, in some states, even overtaking her. And it’s happening fast.

At the end of February, Hillary Clinton led Sanders among African American voters by a massive 52 points. Just one month later, her lead shrunk to only nine points. In Wisconsin, a state many claim is a must-win for Sanders, Clinton actually trails Sanders by 11 points among African-American voters.

This is bad news for Hillary Clinton. Previously, Clinton was getting by on her minority support. But as time has gone on, Clinton has won by less and less of a margin in the Southern states, such as Florida and North Carolina. According to this trend, Clinton’s dwindling minority support may mean huge wins for Sanders in the Midwest and the North.

For example, in New York, Clinton was leading Sanders by 48 points just two weeks ago. Now, her lead is only 12 points, according to the latest Quinnipiac Poll. That same poll shows Sanders has 300 percent more support among African-American voters in New York than he had in Mississippi.

Of course, the media insists that Sanders can’t win, clinging to the claim that Clinton still holds enough of the minority to outperform Sanders in the remaining primary races.


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