Hillary Clinton “Feels Sorry for the Young People” that Believe Bernie’s Lies


Following up on her newest trend of calling Bernie Sanders and his campaign “liars”, Hillary Clinton is now attacking a huge portion of Sanders’ support – young voters.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Meet the Press, Clinton was questioned about her now-viral response to the Greenpeace activist that asked her to reject contributions from the fossil fuel industry. Hillary maintained her climate action record, specifically citing what she called “independent analysis” by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

She failed to point out that these sources are heavily biased towards positive reporting of Clinton and negative reporting of Sanders, with the New York Times editorial board publicly endorsing her.

Then Clinton launched into a weird attack on “young people”, a base of voters that overwhelmingly supports Sanders, stating:

“I feel sorry sometimes, for the young people who, you know, believe this — they don’t do their own research.”

You can watch a portion of the interview here (beginning at 6:50)


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