Bernie Sanders Scores Amazing Victory in Wisconsin


Bernie Sanders has won the Wisconsin primary with over 56% of the vote, securing him 47 delegates.

Hillary Clinton came in second with 43% of the votes and 36 delegates.

Fox News was the first to call the race for Bernie, about a minute after the polls closed.

Wisconsin is a huge victory for Sanders, who was polling behind Clinton by a large amount. Just a couple weeks ago polls had him at 18 points behind Clinton.

Exit polls showed that Sanders dominated in several key groups. He won the majority among people identifying as very liberal, somewhat liberal, and moderate, as well as among voters under age 49, doing the best among voters ages 18-29. 82 percent of people that said honesty and trustworthiness were the most important factors when choosing a candidate chose Bernie Sanders.

Of course, news outlets played down Sanders win once again. CNN made sure their gigantic headline featured Ted Cruz’s win, with the secondary heading being “Sanders’ interview stumble’. The Daily Beast ran their headline as “Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin, Changes Nothing.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.43.25 PMBut as the Bernie campaign stated in their victory email:

“The corporate media and political establishment keep counting us out, but we keep winning states and doing so by large margins. If we can keep this up, we’re going to shock them all and win this nomination.”


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