Federal Judge is Allowing Torture Victims to Sue the Psychologists who Devised CIA’s Torture Program


A federal judge is allowing torture victims to sue the psychologists who created the CIA’s torture program. Their brutal interrogation methods that included sleep deprivation, starvation and forcing captives into coffin-like boxes negatively affected many.

Most of the high-level architects of the CIA torture program, including James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, has yet to receive any consequences for their roles in the systematic atrocities that occurred after 9/11.

“Until now, every lawsuit trying to hold people accountable for the CIA torture program has been dismissed before reaching the merits because the government successfully argued that letting the cases proceed would reveal state secrets,” the ACLU explained.

The American Civil Liberties Union will be representing Suleiman Abdullah Salim and Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, as well as the family of Gul Rahman.

Watch Suleiman Abdullah Salim’s story here.


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