Friday, July 19, 2024

Tag: human rights

Vermont Senator Sanders calls for end to U.S. military aid to...

Amid escalating violence in Gaza, Senator Bernie Sanders challenges the U.S. to halt military aid to Israel, citing violations of international and American laws.

‘They are starving,’ says doctor back from Gaza; world food program...

We get an update on conditions among the besieged and starving population of Gaza—including of children now suffering from the psychological effects of intense and prolonged trauma—from Dr. Walid Masoud.

“Full-Blown Famine” ravages northern Gaza, U.N. official declares amid prolonged conflict

Nearly seven months into the Gaza conflict, the World Food Program warns of a spreading famine in the north, intensifying humanitarian crises despite increased aid efforts.

U.S. State Department memo exposes Israeli misuse of American military aid...

Leaked memo reveals doubts over Israeli compliance with international law in use of U.S. military aid in Gaza, sparking calls for policy reevaluation.

Children among hundreds found in new mass grave at Gaza hospital

A horrifying discovery in Khan Younis raises alarms about the profound toll of ongoing hostilities on the most vulnerable.

Telling the ‘untold’ stories of Palestinian lives, dreams, and hopes—in Gaza...

The media collective Untold Palestine gathers the stories mainstream media doesn’t tell about Palestinians—videos, photographs, and written accounts from Palestinian people about their culture and daily life.

Berlin lawyers launch legal battle to halt German arms sales to...

Citing potential violations of international law, this legal challenge seeks to uphold Germany's constitutional commitment to protecting human life and questions the ethical implications of supplying weaponry in a conflict-ridden region.

Malnutrition crisis skyrockets in Gaza: One-third of toddlers face acute hunger...

In Gaza's shadows, a malnutrition crisis grips its youngest, with one-third of toddlers in acute hunger. Amidst conflict, a generation's future hangs in balance, urging a global call to action.

Biden administration’s unprecedented arms sales to Israel raise ethical questions

Over 100 arms deals approved in just five months, fueling Israel's military operations in Gaza, spark international debate on U.S. complicity.

Bullet wounds contradict Israeli claims in Gaza Flour Massacre

A human rights investigation reveals evidence of gunfire injuries among victims of the Gaza flour distribution tragedy, challenging official narratives.


Dear Democrats—change the message! Please!

Ideally this can be resolved by the Democrats engaging in focused strategic and tactical consideration with one over-riding goal: How to retain the White House and Senate and win back the House.

Majority of Democrats urge Biden to withdraw amid mental fitness concerns and looming election...

This sentiment is particularly strong among younger voters, posing a significant challenge to Biden’s campaign as crucial deadlines approach.

UnitedHealth reports $7.9 billion Q2 profits as protesters decry coverage denials

Protesters reiterated their commitment to fighting for healthcare justice, emphasizing the need for systemic changes.

Biden to propose Supreme Court reforms: Ethics code and term limits amid public disapproval

This move comes amid growing public discontent with the court and recent scandals involving justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

The party that embraces political violence is now reaping what it sowed

Was the attempt on Trump’s life the direct result of the Republican Party’s decision to exploit violence for political gain?