EPA administrator lied about private email usage for official business

Lying to the Senate under oath is perjury.


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt used his private email account when dealing with official state business as Oklahoma’s attorney general. Then lied about it under oath.

During his Senate hearing, Pruitt was asked, “Have you ever conducted business using your personal email accounts, nonofficial Oklahoma attorney general email accounts, text messages, instant messenger, voice mails, or any other medium?” to which Pruitt responded, “I use only my official OAG [Office of the Attorney General] email address and government-issued phone to conduct official business.” This ended up being a lie.

The Oklahoma attorney general’s office confirmed that Pruitt was using his OAG email for state business. While this is not illegal, these emails are supposed to be included in any record requests, and lying to the Senate under oath is perjury. However, it is illegal to use private email for any official federal government affairs, which Pruitt has promised not to do as head of the EPA.

Fingers crossed?


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