Eric Trump claims Democrats are ‘not even people’

“You see the Democratic Party. They’re imploding. They’re imploding. They have no message. You see the head of the DNC, who is a total whack job."


Shortly after Forbes published an article reporting that the Eric Trump Foundation had diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable funds to the Trump family business, the president’s son appeared on Fox News to berate his father’s critics and the entire Democratic Party. Instead of acknowledging the myriad of flaws associated with his family and the dubious Russian ties to his father’s campaign team, Eric Trump immediately attacked the Democratic National Committee while publicly victimizing his affluent family.

On Tuesday, Forbes reported Eric Trump had falsely stated that virtually all donations to his charity go towards treating children with cancer because his father allows the Eric Trump Foundation to use the family’s assets free of charge. But in 2013, Donald Trump began funneling funds from the children’s charity by charging for use of his golf courses, employees, and other lavish expenses without informing donors of the financial alterations.

Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday night, Eric Trump told Sean Hannity: “I’ve never seen hatred like this. To me, they’re not even people. It’s so, so sad. I mean, morality is just gone. Morals have flown out the window. We deserve so much better than this as a country. You know, it’s so sad.

“You see the Democratic Party. They’re imploding. They’re imploding. They have no message. You see the head of the DNC, who is a total whack job. There’s no leadership there. And so, what do they do? They become obstructionists because they have no message of their own. They have no solid candidates of their own. They lost the election that they should have won because they spent seven times the amount of money that my father spent. They have no message, so what do they try and do? They try and obstruct a great man, they try and obstruct his family, they come after us viciously, and it’s truly, truly horrible.”

In response to Eric Trump’s accusations, DNC Chairman Tom Perez took to Twitter on Wednesday and wrote, “Eric, Democrats are people. So are Muslims, immigrants, women, people with pre-existing conditions, and everyone else [President] Trump is hurting.”

Unlike Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, and other Trump campaign associates, Eric Trump is reportedly not under investigation for secretly communicating with the Russians before the 2016 presidential election. Instead of joining their father’s administration in the White House, Eric and Donald Jr. co-head the Trump Organization and continue to make lucrative international deals despite the fact that President Trump still refuses to divest from the company. In February, White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway publicly endorsed Ivanka Trump’s clothing and jewelry products on “Fox & Friends.”

According to former FBI Director James Comey’s prepared statement before the Senate Select Committee on Intellicence, President Trump repeatedly asked him to drop the investigation into Flynn while demanding loyalty from Comey. During an interview with Lester Holt, the president admitted that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.


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