Manufacturing dissent – The new culture war

The ruling class is laughing and the working class is ensnared in what I would call Societal Autoimmune Disorder (S.A.D.).


Noam Chomsky famously talked about manufacturing consent, a propaganda tool of the elites to control people. However, another equally potent way to control people is by manufacturing dissent. This is otherwise known as divide and rule, a strategy usually restricted to foreign policy, but now being directed at the American people by the American elites. Neo-Nazis, Alt Right, Antifa, destruction of statues, and Americans assaulting one another are all signs of a divided nation that’s in the throes of a culture war. Well, the ruling class is laughing and the working class is ensnared in what I would call Societal Autoimmune Disorder (S.A.D.). Between 2008 and now, we have been cleverly steered away from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy One Another.

In a united America, people will be focusing on the economy of reverse Robin Hood that has left 78% of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck the unsustainable debt that shackles college students and the whole nation; the theft by Wall Street, banksters and the Federal Reserve Bank; the endless, maniacal wars that the military-industrial complex demands; the erosion of civil liberty and privacy; the unhealthy, fake food made from GMO and toxic chemicals; the rise in numerous chronic diseases; and the inexorable rise in health care costs, to name a few.

However, Americans are busy fighting each other. Whites against blacks, men against women, straight against gay, citizens against immigrants, Christians against Muslims and so on. There is no logical, mature discussion. Two groups meet to see who can yell louder and nastier. When the police are successful in separating the groups, the mobs are content with cacophony. When the police step away, caveman instincts arise and people beat up each other. What happened to “Love Trumps Hate”?

In Syria, after a city was liberated from jihadists, a person observed, “Syria was the most secular, the most comfortable country in the Arab world. It was embarrassing if someone asked whether you were a Muslim or a Christian.” This was the case before March 2011. Within a year, Sunni extremists were killing Shiite Muslims and Christians. Muslim neighbors who had been wonderful friends for generations turned against Yazidi Christians when the madness of ISIS infected their souls; churches that had been around for centuries were destroyed; and 1 million Christians were killed or expelled from their homes.

Igniting sectarianism and turning one group against another is really easy for the elites, whether it’s 500 BC or 2000 AD; whether it’s a third-world country or a developed nation. To make things worse, the social engineers have developed new ways of dividing the society – men versus women, straight versus gay etc. These are new divisions that have never existed in the political realm of human history.

Multiculturalism is hard, but it’s made infinitely impossible when people are taught to focus on our differences, dig up old wounds, demonize entire groups of people, and embrace victimhood. Many Americans are now programmed to be acutely aware of race, gender etc. In addition, people are taught to get triggered by other people’s opinions, words, expressions, and even emotions.

In spirituality and psychology, from Buddha to the most successful people of the 21st century, collective wisdom teaches us that if you want to be happy, you should learn to ignore other people’s judgments, things you can’t change and, in general, most petty events around you.

Instead, we have a new generation of social engineers who tell people to be hyper-vigilant, constantly on the lookout for the wrong words, wrong phrases and wrong opinions expressed in the wrong tones.

The elites are also manufacturing dissent by focusing on selective statistics and assigning evil intentions to them. For example, if only 20% of computer scientists are women, elites claim it must be because of sexism. We can’t engineer a society that has perfect representation in all careers for all groups in the demographics. 98% of auto-mechanics are men and 94% of nurses are women. Are we going to “fix” those too? Changes have to occur naturally. A society is not an inanimate mathematical model on the computer.

Similarly, every country and ethnicity has a dark history where the powerful took advantage of the relatively weaker groups. But you know what? It’s still going on. Only that the elites are far more sophisticated now. They devalue the currency and tell you that you got a raise. They feed you poison and then bankrupt you with expensive treatments that only cure the symptoms. They destroy Syria and Libya and tell you that they are “humanitarian wars”; they pulverize the homes of 20 million people, accept 1 million as refugees, and tell you how compassionate the system is. They enslave people with debt and mass media, and tell you that slavery was eradicated long time ago.

To distract us from the misery of the totalitarian system run by the oligarchs – the 1% that own half the global wealth – they are busy conjuring up ways to create a civil war.

Autoimmune disorders happen when the immune system becomes extremely sensitive and resorts to attacking harmless things – say, pollen. In some cases, the immune system is so “paranoid” that it starts destroying other organs in the body.

The elites are inducing Societal Autoimmune Disorder (S.A.D.) in America.

Let’s not succumb to this perilous disease. Let’s not get manipulated into fighting one another. Tune out mainstream media, get out of your bubble, and reach out to your neighbor, colleague, family and friends. America as a nation is at crossroads, and the next decade might very well bring in unprecedented changes and challenges. The only way forward is for Americans to come together, set aside ideologies, discuss and debate issues in a logical and constructive manner, and synthesize the foundation for a prosperous future. After all, we don’t want Americans in 2100 to demand for the destruction of statues built in 2017.


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