Sign the pledge to support the racial justice movement.

The state of our nation is inviting hate and division. We have a president that seems to want to continue to divide us, who refuses to call out the racist bigotry that has swelled with his nomination and election.

Law enforcement is corrupt and biased. Police stand by while white supremacists organize violent demonstrations and attack peaceful protesters.

Many different people are being targeted. Individuals from Middle Eastern countries are being attacked because of “terrorism,” even though the vast majority of the terrorism that happens on American soil is carried out by white men.

Black people are being targeted by police and members of the white supremacy movement. NationofChange witnessed a young black man being beaten to a pulp by white supremacists next door to a law enforcement building, and he is still awaiting justice.

Failure to indict the people responsible, many of them law enforcement, for these horrendous acts of violence as well as the president’s continued call to restrict the rights of individuals of Middle Eastern descent is dividing our country and making things worse.

The root of the danger comes from the elite – Congress and big corporations – that continue to divide us by telling white people that they are in danger from other races. They weave a narrative that supports vacuous claims, like dark skinned people are coming for your jobs, committing acts of terrorism, and taking advantage of government assistance programs.

It is time to stop this racial divide and stand in solidarity with all Americans. We must declare that Black Lives Matter. We must take a stand and call out the white supremacy movement for what it is: domestic terrorism. And we must help put an end to the mentality that those from Middle Eastern countries are our enemies who must be oppressed.

Help us take a stand! Pledge to support the racial justice movement by organizing, occupying, demonstrating, marching, and chanting to create a better future for the United States. Most of all, pledge to challenge yourself and loved ones to see people from other races and cultures for what they really are: human beings, just like you.


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