How much longer before Trump becomes the 2nd president in US history to resign?

America is weighed down by this president who has quickly worn out his welcome.

Image Credit: New Republic
One day in the not too distant future we will see President Trump stride across the White House lawn, stand in the doorway of Marine One the presidential helicopter, broadly smile, and wave goodbye to the people of America. He will then take off to join Richard M. Nixon in political oblivion.  
After just one year of Trumpism the question is: how in the world can this country and its people possibly survive three more years of more of the same? It’s as if America has been turned upside down, its foundations are shaking; it’s stuck with a government whose agenda and priorities are out of sync with most Americans. There is no way that this can go on for much longer.
America is weighed down by this president who has quickly worn out his welcome. He has no idea of how to fulfill his promise of “Making America great again.” Americans want an effective healthcare system, restoration of the declining middle class, better paying jobs, a solution of the immigration issue, and a better system of education.
So far he has ignored the people’s wishes completely and done nothing of substance. His #1 objective was to dismantle Obamacare, upon which many millions of Americans depend. He failed but will, no doubt, keep trying.  Then he provided huge tax cuts for corporations and the rich while giving a few crumbs to the mass of Americans. He continues to drive this country in the exact wrong direction.
This is a president who doesn’t inspire faith and confidence in most Americans except those who accept and condone his policies and actions no matter how detrimental they may be to this country.
Controversy is this president’s middle name; he is surrounded by it and personally generates most of it. He goes from one controversy to another, stirring the pot of divisiveness, making more and more enemies as he goes along.
He is a master of the art of manipulation and stretching the truth. The Washington Post, which has been monitoring his tweets and other statements since he became president, recently reported that in his tenure in office he has had made more than 2000 false or misleading claims. He is often referred to as a pathological liar.  
As he initiates one controversy after another Republicans in Congress watch and do absolutely nothing to try to bring him under some semblance of control. They have become no more than serfs and peasants in Trump’s modern-day version of the Feudal System. They bow to his dictates; they cover up his many reckless actions.
At a time when this country has a plethora of problems such as the threat posed by North Korea, a crumbling infrastructure, a flat economy, a very costly agenda of endless war, deepening divisions in this society, and continued mass shootings, are Mr. Trump and his GOP cohorts attacking them? No because they are spending valuable time attacking Democrats, the media, the FBI and the Justice Dept.   
Trump is deepening existing divisions in this society. Consider his inflammatory remarks in the Charlottesville racial confrontation, his condemnation of the actions of NFL players relative to the national anthem issue. Then there is his disrespect and even disdain for various minorities, referring to Haiti and African nations as shithole countries. He has greatly deepened the divisions between Republicans and Democrats.
Americans need to have confidence in their president and trust that he will use wisdom and good judgment in making decisions about their safety and security. But what they have seen is one that, at a time when North Korea poses an imminent nuclear threat, he hurls insults at that nation’s leader Kim Jong Un, goads him and brags that his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s..
The biggest controversy involving Trump is one that I truly believe is going to result in his resignation. It, of course, involves the ongoing investigation into the Russian interference in the U.S. election process. That investigation into what happened, and who in the Trump administration may have been involved in possible collusion, has planted fear into the hearts of many in the White House.   
The White House has been described as being in a state of near panic. We may be watching a president unraveling right before our eyes. Trump has to feel the long arm of justice circling him; it could be possible that he has received word that Mueller will shortly present concrete evidence that points directly to one or more of his family members or even himself.
We hear more and more great concerns being raised over his mental stability. He hears all these statements questioning his mental state and he reacts by proclaiming himself to be a “very stable genius.” Of all the concerns about this president the greatest rests with the question of whether he is fit to serves as the president of this country. It’s not at all surprising that a large segment of Washington observers who monitor his statements and actions strongly believe he is not.  
There is much speculation about whether Trump will fire Mueller. Reports indicate that his attorneys have advised that such an action on his part would very likely set off a massive storm of protests from Democrats as well as many millions of Americans. There could be a civil eruption across this country. This president would risk initiating a Constitutional crisis.
Here’s the dilemma Trump faces:
Mueller has already indicted four of his associates, Paul Mantafort, Richard Gates, and Michael Flynn, plus George Papadopoulos, who has already pleaded guilty.  What will these individuals reveal to Mueller to avoid stiff prison sentences? Where there’s smoke there is fire and this investigation has a massive amount of smoke pouring out of it.
Mueller may have his son, Donald Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner targeted for his next indictments. This president knows that the relentless Mueller and his crack team also have him in their sights and they are digging deeper and deeper to see if he was involved in collusion and/or obstruction of justice.
Would Trump risk seeing members of his family indicted and his presidency go up in flames? And does he want his presidency go down in history as a colossal failure and debacle? It’s possible that he will meet with Mueller privately and promise to resign if he was assured that his family members would be given a pass.
Trump may well be thinking: why go on waiting for the inevitable to happen, why continue to have to battle the media, the Democrats, and keep trying to convince Americans that he is fit to lead this country. Why not just make it known that he is just not happy dealing with the dirty politics and fake news and that it would be so satisfying to return to running his real estate empire.
So I would say that there is a very good chance that President Trump will realize that, with the walls rapidly closing in on him, that it’s time to graciously end his presidency and resign. And when he does America, its people, together with the nations and people of the world, will breathe a great sigh of relief.


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