November 6, 2018; the mother of all elections will take place in America

America has now arrived at this most critical crossroads and its people must choose the fork in the road that leads to turning this government around.

By saying that this upcoming election will be the mother of all elections I mean that it is time for Americans to turn out in massive numbers and remove incompetent politicians, making it clear that they, not members of Congress, are in charge and will determine the direction that this country takes.
The stench emanating from this Republican-controlled Congress has become unbearable and it’s time that the people of America say enough is enough and clean house.
When has America ever held a national election that is more critically important for this country and people? We might rightfully say that it could be called the most important one in modern history. The very future of America is at stake.
America has just arrived at a critical crossroads and the voters will have two clear choices to determine which of the two roads will be the best for this country to take going into future.
The choices are: the right fork in the road that will lead to allowing Republicans to remain in power and the continuation of the status quo; a Congress that will remain in gridlock with nothing of substance being done, with an authoritarian government in the making.
The left fork, leading to a victory for Democrats in the House, and maybe the Senate, represents the beginning of the process of transferring the control of Congress to them. And then, if Republicans lose the presidency in the 2020 presidential election, the shift from the right to the left will be complete.
Just taking the left road will not lead to utopia in America because there are more than a few obstacles standing in the way but it will offer up hope that things can actually change, that this country and government can head into a new direction in which positive and substantive things can happen.
If the voters choose the right road this is what we can expect to see happen: nothing will change and will get even worse. The obstructionists and destructionists will continue with the negative agenda that they have been following for some time.
If they choose the left road we will see plans being developed for a new health care system, either Medicare for all Americans or some type of single-payer system. It won’t be done overnight, it will take time, but it will at least it will be started and considered as a major objective.
In this regard, if the right road is taken we will see more attempts to destroy Obamacare and to water down Medicare and Medicaid funding. Americans want to see significant changes for the better but those in power are not the least bit interested.   
The strategy for Democratic candidates for either the House or the Senate must speak to the American people in a positive, meaningful manner, not resorting to negative attacks on Republican opponents or Trump.
They need to present specific goals and objectives and indicate how they will be of great benefit to this country. Stick with the key issues that concern Americans. Don’t go off in other areas that are not of concern to them.
While there is no question but that the underlying theme of this election is the unacceptable behavior and actions of Trump, do not attack him personally. Americans fully know what he is all about and they don’t want to hear about him but, rather, what the candidates will do to address key issues.  
It would be important to mention the investigation into Russian hacking of our election process that represents a distinct threat to our democracy. Point out how there should be a massive effort to prevent such hacking in future elections but that nothing of the sort is being done. Don’t go into more detail and leave the rest to Robert Mueller who is compiling tons of evidence that he will present before long.
Democratic candidates must send a message about just how they would govern this nation in a totally different way. Reach out to their Democratic base, to women, minorities, and to independents. If they do they will win hands down; if they don’t then they will fail.
Present solutions for the Immigration problem. Indicate how cutting off the entry of those who make up a large part of our workforce will have an adverse impact on the country. Large companies and small businesses across this country have, knowingly, been employing millions of undocumented immigrants for many years in jobs Americans simply do not want to do.
Significantly cutting the entry of these immigrants into America will cripple the economies of California, Florida, and Colorado. So, if Republicans are going to wage this war against immigrants from nations south of the border point out that they would also adversely affect this country’s economy.
And, of great importance, the separation of many hundreds of children from their immigrant parents must be ended as quickly as possible. It is a disgrace to America and borders on inhumanity.
Appeal to millennials, they have open minds, they don’t like control freaks.
Women and minorities rights; talk about the great importance of preserving these rights which, far too often, continue to be violated. Get both of these powerful elements in America on your side, you can’t win without them.   
Speak to the issue of inequality, the great gulf between the rich and the rest of Americans, that continues to widen, that 51% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. Over 40% live below the poverty line and approximately the same number are dependent upon food stamps.
Relate this condition to the economy which supposedly is so great. If the $1.5 trillion tax cut would have given a fair share to the majority of Americans, instead of to the richest ones, then we would see more Americans not having to try to figure out how to make ends meet, and not have to rely on food stamps and other forms of government welfare.  
Talk about the need for effective gun control measures to make certain that the kids of this country, once again, feel safe when attending school. Emphasize that these tragedies will never end until something is done in Congress. It’s totally inexcusable for these politicians to watch as this goes on and then do absolutely nothing about it.
Yes, on November 6 the mother of all elections will take place and, without question, the future of America is at stake. Right now this country, because of its government, is racing down the wrong road and nothing of value is being accomplished.
When was the last time some really important legislation was created to address any of the many problems in our country? Once we saw important programs being initiated such as the following:
• Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid
• Civil Rights Act, Women’s Right to Vote, Equal Rights, The Voting Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act
• Consumer Protection Agency, FDIC, Banking and Wall Street Regulations, SEC, Federal Reserve System, Anti-trust Legislation
• Funding for Science, Medical and Engineering Research, Space Exploration. Once, not long ago, we sent a man to the moon
• Support for Public Education, Head Start, School Lunch, and Breakfast Programs
• Peace Corps, Vista, Job Corps
• NLRB (National Labor Relations Board),  the 8 hr. Work Day/40 hr. Work Week
Someone, please tell me what kind of substantive legislation such as the above is even on the table waiting for action in either body of Congress?
The people of America have seen what is going on and it’s almost all negative. All of us in America must wake up to the fact that this must not be allowed to go on. It’s way past time to completely reverse this negative trend.
If we see new records set for voter turnout across this country it is possible that Democrats will not only take over the House but will also take control of the Senate. With such majority control, we will see some positive things done. Or, at least, we will see an end to negative, destructive actions.
America has now arrived at this most critical crossroads and its people must choose the fork in the road that leads to turning this government around. This is a great opportunity that may never be offered again.


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