Mueller, the irresistible force faces off against Trump, the immovable object

Mueller’s findings, no matter what they may or not reveal, will largely determine the kind of government that emerges and functions after this investigation ends. They will have a monumental impact on the future of America.

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America has now arrived at a fork in the road, “a deciding moment in life or history when a major choice of options is required.”  We are fast approaching that moment when a choice will have to be made as to which road, which direction, this country will take into the future.

It’s a critically important choice but it’s one the American people won’t be making. That choice will be made for them by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller when he presents his report containing his findings and conclusions relative to Russian meddling in America’s internal affairs;  and what role, if any, President Trump and/or members of his family, and administration played in it.

We in America are currently living in one of the most critical times in this nation’s history. Mueller’s findings, no matter what they may or not reveal, will largely determine the kind of government that emerges and functions after this investigation ends. They will have a monumental impact on the future of America.

This Russian meddling clearly represents a distinct threat to our democracy. That attack, had it happened in past years, would have motivated a sitting president to take swift actions to determine exactly how this could have happened and then institute strong measures to prevent any further attempts by Russia or any other nation. It would have been priority #1.

Not so with this president who, after this attack was brought to light, clearly indicated that he was not the least bit troubled or even interested. He totally dismissed the threat and did absolutely nothing to implement measures to make sure it could never happen again.

Instead, he quickly took steps to cement his relationship with Vladimir Putin of Russia, the person who has been singled out by many as the one who initiated this intrusion.

One of the two following scenarios is going to become a reality, whether Mueller or Trump prevails in this gigantic struggle.

Scenario #1, Mueller prevails: In this scenario, Mueller will present concrete, irrefutable evidence that Trump clearly directed this dark conspiracy against this government and country. And that, quite possibly, certain members of his family and administration participated, at his direction.

In this scenario, there will be no question but that such a conspiracy with Putin and Russia to use various forms of computer-generated techniques in the attempt to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election actually took place.

At this point, we could say that when America arrives at the fork in the road, based on these startling revelations, the choice will be made to go down the “right” road that leads to positive and constructive endeavors such as was the case during past times in U.S. history.

What will America look like if scenario #1 becomes a reality?

In the elections of 2020 and beyond more and more Republican candidates running for reelection will fall by the wayside. Democrats will be able to retain control of the House and also take control of the Senate.

The 76 important rules and regulations that Trump’s EPA eliminated or greatly watered down will be put back into effect.

We will also see the restoration of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and the Paris Climate Accord.

There will be programs initiated to finally repair and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, bringing it back to world class.

The American people will see the development of Medicare for all or a single-payer system.

Much of the political madness that has been plaguing this country will begin to wane.

It will be a time in which we can forward to see the White House occupied by a president that is honest, ethical, and highly competent, one that can heal the great divisions in America; one who will waste no time in attacking and solving this nation’s many problems.

And, best of all, this country will have the makings of a government that will begin the process of setting objectives that are based on doing what is right and necessary for the American people, not what Corporate America dictates.

Scenario #2, Trump prevails: In this scenario, Mueller will present a report which provides damning evidence against members of Trump’s administration and other close associates but will not implicate this president.

Trump associates, Flynn, Gates, Manafort, Stone, Papadopoulos, and Cohen that were already charged with committing crimes, mostly involving tax evasion, money laundering, and other white-collar crimes, will be in prison or ready to enter.

While there will be a strong belief that one or more of them were involved with the Russian meddling, Mueller will be unable to provide the proof needed to implicate them for conspiracy or show how Trump was directly involved.

So Trump, now with the wind at his back, will waste no time to show how powerful he is and that he can, as president, do whatever he wishes with no restraints on his policies and actions. And one of the first things he will do is to issue presidential pardons for all of these indicated associates, except Michael Cohen, who he has called a rat.

In this scenario, America will have arrived at the fork in the road and, based on Mueller’s greatly disappointing report, will travel down the “wrong” road, one that leads to Trump establishing powerful, virtually unlimited control over this government, the country and its society.

What will America look like as the next chapter of “A Trump horrific nightmare continues?”

We’ll see many more of actions by this emotionally troubled president that are destructive to America, such as:

A president who continues to pursue one of his main objectives, that is, to stir up anger and divisiveness throughout our country. One who doesn’t even try to hide his disdain for various minorities, in particular, African Americans and Hispanics.

The continued elimination of rules and regulations of the EPA, making that agency even more ineffective. He will consider eliminating it entirely.

America pulling out of NATO, another of his top objectives.

He will force the weak, spineless members of Congress, mostly Republicans, plus some Democrats, to give him $5 billion or even more for his border wall.

His relationship with Putin of Russia will grow ever stronger and the two of them will have regular summits to discuss how to create joint strategies for maintaining their powers.

More massive tax cuts will be initiated for Corporate America and the wealthiest Americans.

Trump might carry out his threat to take full control over the Federal Reserve so that its administrators can no longer make important decisions relative to the economy and the stock market. Trump and his Treasury Secretary will then make all of them.

It won’t be long before the American people will come to the realization that they are living in an America under the control of an authoritarian government.

So the fact of the matter is that the future direction of America is largely in the hands of Mueller. All we can do is to hope for the best and that he, after this intensive and comprehensive investigation, will present findings that will result in America heading down the right road; in the opposite direction that it is now taking under Trump.


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