New poll shows the majority of Americans don’t want Roe v. Wade overturned

Americans don't agree with the new abortion bans in Alabama and Georgia.

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Amid a growing number of states passing frighteningly extreme abortion bans, a new CBS News poll found that two-thirds of Americans support Roe v. Wade staying in place.

Published on Monday, the poll found the 67 percent of respondents want the Supreme Court to keep the landmark case, which upheld the constitutional right to have an abortion, as it is.


More so, nearly half of the respondents stated that they would be dissatisfied or angry if it were overturned.


Only 26 percent of respondents said they would be happy or satisfied if Roe v. Wade was overturned.

When broken down by party, the poll found that an overwhelming percentage of Democrats support keeping Roe v. Wade in place, where Republican respondents remain split.


16 percent of Republicans said that abortion should be relatively available, whereas 48 percent said it should be available with limits and 34 percent said it should not be permitted at all.

Only a small percentage more of women (69%) supported keeping Roe v. Wade as is compared to the percentage of men (65%).


However, a much larger proportion of women said they would be angry if the decisions were overturned (38%) versus only 24% of men respondents.

In the past few months several states, including Georgia and Alabama, have passed new state-level abortion bans that are meant to provoke legal challenges that anti-choice activists hope will result in a case before the currently conservative Supreme Court.


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