“Duh, of course I would”: Bernie Sanders vows to take legal action against fossil fuel companies for destroying the planet

"How do you hold fossil fuel executives who knew that they were destroying the planet but kept on doing it?"


Bernie Sanders won’t just divest from fossil fuels if he is elected president, he will pursue criminal charges against fossil fuel executives for their role in the climate change crisis.

“What do you do when an industry who for years spent what tens of millions of dollars into phony think tanks, corporately run think tanks, putting Stooges up on television telling the American people well the evidence is not clear whether climate change is real or it’s not real?” Sanders said during a discussion on legal action against fossil fuel companies.

“They knew it was real. Their own scientists told them that it was real. What do you do to people who lied in a very bold-faced way, lied to the American people, lied to the media? How do you hold them accountable?”

Sanders continued, addressing the many broken systems in the United States, from the criminal justice system to corporate CEOs. He plans to tackle them all:

“Now, because you have in this country… a corrupt criminal justice system, CEOs and millionaires don’t go to jail. People go to jail, kids go to jail, for selling marijuana, but if you kill hundreds of people, thousands of people, and you’re a CEO and a billionaire, you don’t go to jail. That’s the nature of the system in America. It’s a system I intend to change.

How do you hold fossil fuel executives who knew that they were destroying the planet but kept on doing it?”

It’s no wonder Sanders has corporate Democrats running scared. As Norman Solomon said earlier this year, “For corporate elites determined to retain undemocratic power, a successful Bernie 2020 campaign would be the worst possible outcome of the election.”


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