The bee is officially on the verge of extinction

With our own health and well-being directly linked to these insects, we have to make it a priority to ensure the bee population's survival.


There are over 20,000 species of bees on this earth and all have been officially added to the list of endangered species with the threat of extinction looming. 

According to True Activist, the loss of bees on this earth will be a disaster for mankind because they are irreplaceable insects. The relation that bees have to all flowering plants is the most interdependent, cooperative, harmonious and important things on the planet. This relationship has lasted for over 100 million years, which led to the creation of all the diverse species we have in nature. Having all these readily available species have also promoted the human species through food and nutrients. 

Experts believe with the help of humans, the verge of bee extinction can be undone. Having long-term international monitoring of these pollinators is an important step to help improve the bee habitats, ecosystems, food security, and nutrition. 

These “insects pollinate nearly all the fruits, vegetables and nuts we consume, and some experts estimate one out of every three bites of food we eat depends on the work of honey bees,” says an article from Democracy Now! “However, the future of the insects is now in peril with widespread reports of bee colony collapses. In the last decade and a half, beekeepers have reported staggering declines in their bee populations due to pesticides, parasites and loss of habitat.”

BBC says there are many ways YOU can help these precious and necessary pollinators: 

  1. Try to go organic as there are no man-made pesticides used which helps with bee survival.
  2. Buy some plants for your home to help attract pollinators. Even if it is herbs or flowers hanging from your apartment window.
  3. Help them stay hydrated by placing water somewhere outside. Insects need and drink water too.

With our own health and well-being directly linked to these insects, we have to make it a priority to ensure the bee population’s survival.


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