Senate Republicans are allowing themselves to be used as pawns by McConnell to save Trump

“Listen up, Senate Republicans and understand that you also are the ones who are on trial alongside Trump.”


Is there anyone who doesn’t know that Donald J. Trump is facing impeachment in the developing “trial” that is currently being conducted in the U.S. Senate? And, that the chances of him being found guilty of the articles of impeachment, as would be expected with the Republicans in control, are somewhere between zero and none?

No matter what transpires in the trial, Trump will go down in history as the 3rd U.S. president to be impeached, a deep, dark stain on his presidency. So, what we have here now is a president on trial trying to get exonerated. And, at the same time, his mind-conditioned Republican senators are also on trial to see if they will stand up for what is right or be found guilty by the American people for their refusal to do so.

What these Republicans have decided to do is gamble everything, their entire future existence, their political lives, on protecting and defending their Dear Leader, no matter how guilty he may be, or what the consequences for them will be. Most of them, if they let their true feelings be known, would confess they have no use for the man, many can’t stomach him or his twisted behavior, but they bow down to his dictates since he controls the Republican base of voters. 

Message to Republicans: you may have heard that some 70% or more of Americans want a fair trial with witnesses and pertinent evidence. So if that many want exactly that, and you not only refuse to do it, and you go so far as to block every attempt, do you understand what your fate will be? Can you fathom the fury that this many Americans can bring down on you?

In a typical jury trial, there is a judge, jury, prosecutor, defense attorney, and there are most certainly witnesses. Without witnesses, a trial cannot function properly. If there are no witnesses, pro or con, to tell the jury their sides of the case, so they can try to determine which side is telling the truth, then it cannot be called a trial. 

What McConnell is attempting to do is conduct a “fake” trial, and if the Senate Republicans meekly go along with his tactics, then they will be complicit in his scheme. And they will have to answer for their deliberate violation of the U.S. Constitution. 

Democrats, maybe one or more of them, who are on good terms with John Bolton, might approach him in secret and try to determine what he knows and what he would say if called to testify. Now, if he is barred from testifying and the trial is not going well, Democrats should have a special hearing of the Judiciary Committee that would include the revelation of his evidence. And this might be the bombshell many of us are talking about.

If Lev Parnas continues to furnish more and more documents, texts, emails, or letters, especially from individuals who were directly involved with Trump in this abuse of power, Democrats should try to enlist him as a witness. If that is not allowed, then also bring him in to testify before the Judiciary Committee. There could be more unexpected individuals who might step forward to testify and do what is right.

Right now more and more evidence is flowing into the Democrats and we are starting to see the walls closing in on Trump. They must do everything in their power to increase that flow to the point that it will be like a monumental tsunami rushing into the Senate. 

At the beginning of the Senate trial, Chief Justice Roberts, when taking the oath, put his left hand on the Bible and said, “I do” after the oath was administered, and that included the last words, “so help me God.”

Then, when Roberts administered the oath to the entire body of senators, none of them put their left hand on any Bible before saying “I do.” And I wonder how many of them, mostly Republicans, didn’t even say I do at all. I think putting the left hand on the Bible would have been a good thing because, maybe, just maybe, at least a handful would have had pangs of conscience and promised themselves that they would take part in a fair trial, including witnesses and new evidence. 

There is an excellent chance that this trial, in the end, will turn out to be a living hell for Republicans. Right now, considering that Trump will very likely be exonerated, it will be the Republicans who are the ones found guilty, who will come out of this trial with a target on their backs. They will become sacrificial lambs.

Here are some scenarios that we could see evolve when this is all done and, take note, that none of them show this as a win-win for Republicans but, rather, as a definite lose-lose result:

*Scenario 1: the trial is a complete bust, there are no witnesses, no new evidence allowed, only one Republican voted to allow them. Trump is exonerated in a cloud of shame. What then for the spineless Republicans?

Well, those Republicans who will be up for reelection might wish that they could find somewhere to run and hide forever because they will face the intense anger of that 70 % of Americans who wanted a fair trial with witnesses.

These Americans will remember that they were told by McConnell that he fully intended to work in concert with Trump to make this a very quick trial and there was no way that this president could be convicted.

*Scenario 2: the trial is proceeding as expected, no witnesses, no new evidence, and then Bolton, Parnas or someone else steps forward to testify before the Judiciary Committee. What they reveal will swiftly put an end to the trial and prove that Trump is guilty as charged, along with his Republican puppets.

*Scenario 3: four or more Republicans vote to allow witnesses to testify, but then the Senate heads for yet another massive confrontation between Republicans and Democrats as to who they will be. The Demos will want these 4 witnesses to testify in this trial: the air is filled with non-stop arguments, no witnesses are called and when the sham trial ends Republicans might as well pack their bags.

So, listen up, Senate Republicans and understand that you also are the ones who are on trial alongside Trump. You are being judged as we speak. How you act, what you say, how fair-minded you are will be how you will be judged. The American people are going to see you for what you are and for what you stand.

Based on what we have seen going on in the Senate up to now it appears that McConnell and the Republicans are going to allow this president to conduct his own impeachment trial; to block all witnesses, and refuse to allow key evidence to be introduced. This is going to be one of the biggest violations of justice in the history of America.

Final conclusion: Trump is going to be exonerated – by Republicans – but Republicans, who are allowing McConnell to use them as no more than pawns in order to save Trump, will not be exonerated by the American people.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.