As nation mourns 100,000 dead, Trump goes golfing


President Donald J. Trump, who has faced mounting criticism for his administration’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis and his lack of empathy throughout, decided to leave the White House on Saturday to play golf.

Trump visited his Trump National Golf Club located just outside Washington, D.C., in Sterling, Virginia. 

By CNN’s count, this was the president’s 357th visit to one of his properties and his 265th trip to one of his golf clubs during his presidency.

White House coronavirus advisor Deborah Birx on Friday said that sports such as golf could be played safely if social distancing was in place and players didn’t touch flags.

Trump going golfing shows a tone-deafness and a lack of empathy. The U.S. pandemic death toll is approaching 100,000, and 40 million Americans are unemployed.


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