Watching American lemmings as they prepare to follow Trump over the cliff

These lemmings see him ignoring the Rule of Law, dismissing the Constitution as being irrelevant.


America is caught up in a state of chaos, increasing disorder, and confusion. All 50 states are reopening, most without a step by step, well-developed plan to minimize the number of new cases of this virus. They are going off in various directions, there is no real coordination between them, with little to no assistance coming from this White House.

America is like a ship that has a badly damaged rudder and a directional compass that no longer works. It is drifting aimlessly in the high seas. 

There are two things that Trump is doing that are causing great damage to the overall efforts in this country to combat this virus. There is his continuing refusal to wear a mask in public. Also, he should be urging Americans to wear them to protect themselves as well as others, but he will not.

He has admitted to taking the hydroxychloroquine medication that medical experts have said is very dangerous to users. By his failure to heed these warnings and then telling people that it’s OK to take this medication, his recklessness may well cause the deaths of many Americans. He has no idea of what he is doing and how harmful it is. What he’s doing is unconscionable.

As these many states begin to reopen, we are seeing people go to beaches and parks and, instead of following the guidelines set by Doctor Fauci and the CDC to practice social distancing, wearing masks and such, a great many of them are ignoring that advice and acting very irresponsibly.

We are seeing people on some of these beaches sitting under large umbrellas right next to each other, many of them without masks, in large groups acting as if everything has returned to normal. On the boardwalk in New Jersey people were standing right next to each other, very few wearing masks.

Not long ago a large group of protesters invaded the Michigan state capitol building, some with firearms, including assault-style weapons. Again, most were not wearing masks. It looked like there were several hundred crammed into the main room. It was a very scary scene.

These reckless people are Trump’s lemmings, and they are a distinct threat to their fellow Americans. They don’t follow the rules, they make their own. If Trump refuses to wear a mask, they follow his example. He never stresses social distancing, and they say it’s not at all necessary. They are like puppets on Trump’s strings, they have been mind-conditioned by him to think as he does,

The famous, old story of these lemmings jumping off the cliff is, of course, a myth. But why is it still so widely believed? Because it is an analogy for human behavior, for persons who blindly follow a crowd even though it may lead to a disastrous end. There is the Lemming Effect that enables entire segments of a society to lose their sense of judgment, all at the same time.  

These lemmings see him ignoring the Rule of Law, dismissing the Constitution as being irrelevant. They watch as he fires four Inspector Generals who were doing their jobs, they applaud him as he works to take control of the FBI undermines our intelligence agencies, and corrupts the Justice Dept. 

And, instead of helping to try to save what’s left of our democracy, they do nothing, look the other way, and put on their blinders and earplugs when it is being attacked. Trump is their mentor, they worship him. And, by their slavish, subservient behavior, they are preparing to go over the cliffs, right behind their Dear Leader.


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