It’s the MAGA cult, stupid! Not the stupid Trump.

Disgrace from Trump’s cloak and dagger/ Pays off when bashing MAGA swagger.

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Cult complicity, not the leader’s guilt, forges our fate

I care not how Trump gets nailed,
But that his cult gets fully derailed;
A fact deluge ruins his rank parade,
And verdicts his irksome masquerade. 

Let’s assume judicial dissection    
Can stop the chaos cult’s infection.
Trials galore that convict the leader
Can slice support like the grim reaper.

The future exceeds one outlaw’s fate—
To counterpunch base grievance and hate.
Disgrace from Trump’s cloak and dagger
Pays off when bashing MAGA swagger.

Because it took years to come about,
The cult clings hard to residual clout.
Multiple trials with hard evidence
Maximize cognitive dissonance.

Up front, to redeem systemic rules,
Instructive courts educate like schools.
When prosecutions teach history,
Indictments lose their mystery.

How best to smash this cult’s profile—
Stop it from putting justice on trial;
How does our legal system reign,
If judgment no outlaws constrain?

This nation faces a fight for its life,
Already braced for more violent strife;
Either we stop fascism in its tracks
Or front more brutal Jan. 6 attacks.

Exiling a demagogue’s cabal
Matters, whatever the topical brawl;
Either raise the nation’s learning curve—
Or lose laurels we no longer deserve.


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