Friday, August 12, 2022

Celine-Marie Pascale

As a sociologist, Pascale has won national and international awards for her scholarship regarding the ways that inequalities are normalized through the language we use to describe them. Her most recent book, Living on the Edge: When Hard Times Become A Way of Life looks at the lives of people who struggle to make ends meet, a system that profits from their struggles, and a vision for change from working people who know too well that economy we have is unsustainable for most of the US population. Her previous books include: Social Inequalities & The Politics of Representation: A Global Landscape. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications Cartographies of Knowledge: Exploring Qualitative Epistemologies. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. (Received the 2012 Distinguished Book Award from the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.) Making Sense of Race, Class and Gender: Commonsense, Power and Privilege in the U.S. New York: Routledge. (Received the Distinguished Book Award from the American Sociological Association Section on Race, Class, and Gender.)


Exploring the mindsets of typical, fanatical Trump supporters: part 3

This kind of subservient attitude and blind loyalty is unbelievable, beyond comprehension, it’s as if these Trumpsters may have been mind-conditioned.

While Cuba deals with blazing fire, the U.S. watches and waits

Withholding assistance at this critical time indicates to Cubans, Cuban Americans and the world that the Biden Administration is not really interested in the well-being of the Cuban people, despite statements to the contrary.

With God on our side?

“It's not the violence of the few that scares me, it's the silence of the many.”

Exploring the mindset of a typical hardcore Trump supporter

As I said these Americans are extremely angry and frustrated and want to see change so it seems like they are more than willing to support someone who is as angry as they are.

How employers are trying to thwart a wave of union drives

“Fear is a great motivator. That’s exactly how they operate.”