Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Christopher Decker

Professor Decker received his Ph.D. in Business Economics from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2000 and teaches courses in Microeconomics, Business Economics, Economic Forecasting, and Natural Resource Economics at UNO. His academic work has been published in a verity of academic journals including Economic Inquiry, Journal of Law and Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Annals of Regional Science, Review of Regional Studies, Applied Economics, Ecological Economics, and Contemporary Economic Policy. Professor Decker has also partnered with several organizations to conduct economic assessments and forecasts of city and regional economies, including the production of a large number of economic impact studies using IMPLAN. IMPLAN-Based studies include: The Economic Impact the Aviation Industry on the State of Nebraska, and The Economic Impact of the Nebraska Business Development Center on Nebraska. Other studies have included assessing the economic impact of immigrant populations on the local economy. Before joining UNO, Professor Decker worked in the private sector for DRI/McGraw-Hill (now IHS Global Insight) from 1990 to 1993, and FW Dodge/McGraw-Hill from 1993 to 1995, producing forecasts for regional economies, of energy prices and demand, long-range macroeconomic and demographic indicators, as well as construction prices, and commercial and institutional construction activity.


How small farms are reclaiming culture in Palestine

Palestinians are organizing CSA programs and small farms to become food sovereign and protect their culture against colonialism.

State trooper suspended and charged with assault

Police have not yet released the footage of the incident or identified the motorist who was attacked by Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Trooper Israel Moore.

Arsenal of autocracy?

The major weapons makers cash in worldwide—not just in Ukraine.

Oil giant consultant resigns, citing operations beyond ‘limits of our planetary systems’

"I can no longer work for a company that ignores all the alarms and dismisses the risks of climate change and ecological collapse."

Anaheim mayor resigns amid FBI corruption investigation

“I hope that the people of Anaheim and our media continue to pursue the question of whether Harry Sidhu was acting alone."