Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Eugenie Merieau

Eugenie Mérieau is a lecturer and researcher at Sciences Po in Paris. She teaches Comparative Constitutional Law, Political Sciences and Human Rights. She is currently completing a PhD in Political Sciences at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations on "Legal Transplants and Kingship : a study of Thai Constitutionalism". She holds Master Degrees in International Security (Sciences Po Paris) and Public Law (University of Nantes) as well as undergraduate degrees in Thai Studies (INALCO), Law (Sorbonne Paris) and Political Sciences (Sciences Po Paris). She has lived for 8 years in Thailand where she held several positions including researcher for the King Prajadhipok's Institute (under the Thai Parliament) and consultant for the International Commission of Jurists.


Glenn Greenwald’s transition to ally of bigotry

Greenwald’s brand of anti-trans activist journalism could well lead to violence, even if that’s not his intent.

Seize Trump’s passport: No greater flight risk than an unmasked con fleeing “every crime...

For the nation’s stability, for the integrity of our justice system, and even Trump’s own (short-term) good, seizing his passport resolves all problems.

94% of pre-packaged and homemade US baby foods contain toxic heavy metals: study

"FDA must go beyond the baby food aisle and set strong standards for these contaminants," said the national director of Healthy Babies Bright Futures.

Arizona’s Secretary of State race pits ‘the guy who beat the cyber ninjas’ against...

An interview with Adrian Fontes, who modernized Phoenix’s election system and helped hundreds of thousands of new voters during 2020’s pandemic and presidential election.

Exploring the mindsets of typical, fanatical Trump supporters: part 3

This kind of subservient attitude and blind loyalty is unbelievable, beyond comprehension, it’s as if these Trumpsters may have been mind-conditioned.