Sunday, June 16, 2024

Federica Caso and Shannon Zimmerman

Federica Caso researches militarization and gender and race in the military. She specializes in visual analysis. Dr Zimmerman is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the RMIT University in Melbourne. Her research focuses on the role of peace operations in statebuilding and misogyny-based terrorism with a specific focus on the Incels. She received her PhD from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia in 2019 and her M.A. in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University in 2012.


The Medicare Advantage Paradox: How private insurers cost taxpayers billions

Recent studies and reports from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) reveal that MA overpayments have significantly burdened taxpayers.

Trump’s $48 billion corporate tax cut proposal exceeds annual K-12 education budget

The proposed reduction in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 15% would result in massive tax savings for the largest U.S. companies, benefiting wealthy shareholders while neglecting workers and public investments.

Clarence Thomas faces fresh scrutiny over undisclosed luxury trips funded by billionaire

This has prompted renewed calls for his resignation and demands for stricter ethics reforms for the highest court in the land.

Russia’s war on Ukraine generates more emissions than 175 countries: $32 billion climate bill...

The first two years of Russia’s invasion resulted in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of 175 individual countries, further intensifying the global climate emergency.

Navigating the energy transition: Renewables abound, but grid challenges loom

Renewable energy doesn’t matter if we can’t distribute it.