Monday, October 2, 2023

Federica Caso and Shannon Zimmerman

Federica Caso researches militarization and gender and race in the military. She specializes in visual analysis. Dr Zimmerman is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the RMIT University in Melbourne. Her research focuses on the role of peace operations in statebuilding and misogyny-based terrorism with a specific focus on the Incels. She received her PhD from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia in 2019 and her M.A. in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University in 2012.


Climate campaigners decry ‘absolutely horrendous’ brutality against protesters at fed summit

"We have no choice but to take direct action to put our bodies on the line because petitions, sign-waving, and chanting—we tried that for the past 50 years and it hasn't worked, and we're out of time," said one arrested activist.

The perilous path from western domination to de-dollarization

De-dollarization is a road fraught with many challenges.

Trump World 2025

The most terrifying war that Trump is planning is his attack on America.

Senate Dems want to cancel all student lunch debt—a ‘term so absurd that it...

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman said the aim of the bill is to "stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger."

Missouri set to execute Marcellus Williams despite DNA evidence proving innocence—again

Unless we reform this corrupt system, racist politicians will be rewarded with higher political offices–for–”frying a black man.”