Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Fhatima Paulino, Carlos Saavedra, and Rodrigo Saavedra

Fhatima Paulino Fhatima Paulino is a trainer and facilitator that works with U.S.-based community organizations and Indigenous leaders in Latin America. Carlos Saavedra Carlos Saavedra is a movement catalyst and coach to various social movements. Rodrigo Saavedra Rodrigo Saavedra is a movement educator and works to form alliances with Indigenous communities in the Global South.


Rail workers blame fiery train crash in Ohio on Wall Street profit-seeking

"The PSR-driven carriers, driven to cut costs and crew time by any means necessary, cut corners and leave crews and the public at risk."

11th Commandment from Jesus at the Super Bowl: “Thou shall have no other brands...

Right now, second only to Trump and his farcical election deniers, are there any greater hypocrites in the world than extremist American fundamentalists?

Single-use plastic production on the rise in 2021 despite environmental impact, new report finds

"We need a fundamentally different approach, that turns the tap off on new plastic production.”

Connecting with nature is a path to finding joy in life

An interview with the creator of the short film “Ode to Joy,” which celebrates connection with nature as a portal to deeper connection with self and each other.

In New York Times op-ed, US physician blasts ‘lucrative system of for-profit medicine’

"Doctors' sense of our complicity in putting profits over people has grown more difficult to ignore."