Monday, September 28, 2020

Fhatima Paulino, Carlos Saavedra, and Rodrigo Saavedra

Fhatima Paulino Fhatima Paulino is a trainer and facilitator that works with U.S.-based community organizations and Indigenous leaders in Latin America. Carlos Saavedra Carlos Saavedra is a movement catalyst and coach to various social movements. Rodrigo Saavedra Rodrigo Saavedra is a movement educator and works to form alliances with Indigenous communities in the Global South.


10 things you need to know to stop a coup

Because the best way to stop a coup is to deter it.

Trump breaks world records for longest tax audit, if not presidential scandals

Why doesn’t every pundit and every journalist keep repeating: “Deliver the returns. Cut the audit BS. End the legal smoke and mirrors.”

How hypocrites in high places have contributed to the riots in the streets

A decades-long wealth grab by the richest Americans has left millions of Americans on the brink of poverty — and poverty begets violence.

Bernie Sanders on how to block Trump from stealing election & preserve American democracy

Trump recently ramped up his efforts to discredit the election results by suggesting he will refuse to concede if he loses.

Trump’s EPA dismisses dangers of chlorpyrifos on children’s brain downplaying agency’s own findings

“The EPA is ignoring decades of science by leading universities and in doing so, it's neglecting its duty to protect children from pesticides.”