Saturday, September 23, 2023

Gosia Wozniacka

Gosia Wozniacka is a multi-lingual, award-winning reporter, photographer, and multimedia producer. She's currently a senior reporter for Civil Eats. Previously, she worked as a staff reporter for The Associated Press in the U.S. She also shot photos and video for the AP. Wozniacka specializes in reporting about social issues, immigration policy, Latinos and other immigrants and refugees, as well as agriculture and environmental issues.


Biden is the latest president to tout the Vietnam War as proud history

Efforts to portray the U.S. government’s military actions as well-meaning and virtuous are incessant. The pretenses that falsify the past are foreshadowing excuses for future warfare.

House GOP unveils budget with trillions in cuts to medicaid, food benefits, and more

The Republican proposal would cut federal discretionary spending by nearly $5 trillion over the next decade.

Officer Pleads Guilty to Violating Civil Rights After Leaving Teen in a Coma

Last week, a former Independence police officer pleaded guilty to violating the constitutional rights of a minor in his custody. He faces prison time and a fine for this violation.

Socialism fear-mongering is bananas

It's how societies grow their economies, become more prosperous, and ensure a better life for their people.

The climate march, Joe Biden, and AOC’s dubious endorsement

Jeff Cohen discusses the inspiring march and AOC’s rousing speech at the rally—but ends with respectful questions about AOC’s orientation toward Biden and her endorsement of his re-election.