Thursday, August 18, 2022

Kathomi Gatwiri and Lynne McPherson

Kathomi Gatwiri: I am an award-winning researcher and senior academic based at Southern Cross University’s School of Arts and Social Sciences in Queensland, Australia. I have undergraduate and graduate qualifications from Australian and Kenyan institutions including a Bachelor of Social Work (First Class Honors), Master of Counselling and an interdisciplinary PhD in Social Work and cultural studies.. In my current role, I teach across a range of social work and social policy subjects and conduct interdisciplinary research on trauma, race and gender. I Investigate how the politics of race in Australia and in particular how racial micro-aggressions and racial trauma manifest in the workplace. As a highly experienced educator, strategist and consultant with significant knowledge and understanding of both workplace & social policies, I work closely with organizations to develop practice guidelines, train and foster conversations on cultural safety. I am a regular writer and commentator for SBS, ABC, and The Conversation. I am also and the Founder and Director of HEALING TOGETHER, a service that provides accessible, culturally safe therapy for Black people and people of colour in Australia as well as cultural and diversity consultations and trainings for various organizations Dr Lynne McPherson BSW (La Trobe), MSW (Monash) Ph.D. (La Trobe) Dr McPherson joined Southern Cross University in 2016 as a senior lecturer, social work in the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Prior to this appointment she held a tenured position in social work and social policy at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Her project and publication interests are in the areas of out of home care, child, youth and family issues, post graduate learning and supervision and leadership. Lynne is currently course coordinator of the Master of Social Work (qualifying) program. Before becoming an academic, Lynne spent more than 25 years as a senior social work manager and practice leader in child protection, out of home care and the wider child, youth and family sector. She has undertaken roles as a practitioner, manager, training consultant and senior policy advisor. For more than a decade she was senior manager of the State-wide Professional Development and Workforce Strategy Unit for the Department of Human Services, Victoria. In 1997, Lynne was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to examine international best practice in child protection. Dr McPherson has considerable professional experience and expertise, significant leadership capability and strong networks and partnerships in the child protection and out of home care industry.


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