Friday, January 22, 2021

Katie Woolaston and Judith Lorraine Fisher

Katie Woolaston consults with IPBES and was one of the co-authors of the IPBES Report on Biodiversity and Pandemics. All views expressed in this article are my own. Judith Lorraine Fisher is affiliated with the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of IPBES and a member of the Scientific Steering Committee for the Biodiversity and Pandemics Report, however all views expressed in this article are my own


Keystone XL pipeline canceled. Here’s what it means for the future fight against fossil...

“Rescinding KXL’s permit is a promising early signal that the new administration is listening to our concerns and will take issues of climate and Indigenous justice seriously. We have to insist that it not stop there.”

Former US Marine charged with assaulting police officers during Capitol riots

“What are we supposed to do? Supreme Court’s not helping us. No one’s helping us. Only us can help us. Only we can do it.”

Conservatives Criticize Michelle Obama For Bare Arms, Stay Silent On Melania Trump’s Nude Poses

Trump's wife, possible future First Lady, receives no criticism for nude photoshoots while Michelle Obama is insulted for bare arms.

The Capitol insurrection and white supremacist infiltration of U.S. Police

Domestic terrorism from far-right groups is a significant threat to America’s safety and security.

Is US presidential candidate Joe Biden a war criminal?

Joe Biden had supported the Iraq War of 2003. But no one knows why he is running away from the truth.