Thursday, September 19, 2019

Kianga Moore

Kianga Moore
Detroit-born, California-raised Kianga Moore is a writer, producer, journalist and community activist. Early in her career, Moore moved to Las Vegas to write for the Las Vegas Tribune, then pursued her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Wayne State University. For the past few years, she’s focused on script writing and TV production and is currently finishing production for "The New Black," a scripted series about black women in tech.


Environmentalists demand explanations for “secret” fracking chemicals in Ohio

“People need to know. People have a right to know, and first responders have a right to know if they might be exposed to those types of chemicals.”

Did Barack Obama bring us Donald Trump?

I read an analysis by Bert Wolfe about Barack Obama.  It made me sad to read it, even though it was perfectly...

The secret GOP plan to keep power

In 2020, we need to pay attention to state elections as well as elections for president and Congress. State elections could decide...

NY judge resigns after posting noose image on Facebook

After posting the image of a noose with the words “Make America Great Again” on his Facebook page, an upstate New York...

Over 800 climate strikes planned in U.S. on September 20th; Global Climate Strikes to...

5 days ahead of strikes, Activists of all ages, labor groups, faith leaders, businesses gear up for youth-led climate strikes in intergenerational demand for climate action