Monday, September 25, 2023

Meghan Krausch

Meghan Krausch, Ph.D., is a public sociologist, activist and writer in the Detroit metro area. Their writing has been published in Truthout, In These Times, Inside Higher Ed and The Progressive, among others. They have been involved in a range of community movements including anti-eviction movements, free schools, independent media and Latin American solidarity work, and are currently facilitating the Abolitionist Book Club, an inside/outside reading group with members of the Black Prisoners Caucus. Always working to balance love and rage, Meg finds freedom in the struggle.


Artificial intelligence: profit versus freedom

As with previous technological breakthroughs, AI places on society’s agenda both new issues and old contentious ones.

A telling tale of two press lords

Rupert Murdoch made the world safe for grand fortune. E.W. Scripps had a better idea.

Wildlife living in cities exemplify ‘urban trait syndrome,’ study says

What can city dwellers do to help create and nurture a healthier environment for urban wildlife?

Writers reach tentative deal with Hollywood studios after nearly 150 days on strike

"It is the leverage generated by your strike, in concert with the extraordinary support of our union siblings, that finally brought the companies back to the table to make a deal."

Biden is the latest president to tout the Vietnam War as proud history

Efforts to portray the U.S. government’s military actions as well-meaning and virtuous are incessant. The pretenses that falsify the past are foreshadowing excuses for future warfare.