Sunday, January 19, 2020

Natalia Garcia Bonet

Natalia Garcia Bonet
Natalia García Bonet is a Venezuelan anthropologist with an interest in Amerindian-state relations, gender, extractivism and intercultural education in lowland South America. Dr Bonet has been conducting research in Southeastern Venezuela since 2012. She holds a doctorate degree in social anthropology from the University of Kent, and her current research looks at how the economic and political crises have affected the relationship between indigenous people and the Venezuelan state.


In a step towards justice, US Senate passes bill with funds for missing and...

Lack of sufficient data and jurisdictional issues has been a huge obstacle for finding justice for Indigenous women that are victims of violence.

Ex-pharma lobbyist embedded in White House tanked drug pricing bill, while his former employer...

Trump’s top healthcare adviser, former Gilead Sciences lobbyist Joe Grogan, strenuously lobbied within the White House and on Capitol Hill against price negotiations.

What was the point of Soleimani’s assassination?

The Trump regime had no authority to assassinate a senior Iranian general. Nor did it have a reason to do so, except to reap revenge upon his past acts.

Amid raft of state-level endorsements, Sanders leads democrats in new national poll

“It’s just one poll, but it looks like Bernie is unhurt and Warren unhelped by the brouhaha.”

Environmental groups sue Trump administration calling plan to open millions of acres of public...

"Trump's illegal, deeply unjust fracking plan would be a disaster for Central Valley communities, as well as our climate, wildlife and water."