Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ron Ridenour

Ron Ridenour is a journalist and activist and occasional contributor to ThisCantBeHappening!. After working as a journalist for years in his native United States, he left to live and work in Cuba before settling in Denmark. Author of a number of books, his latest is, “The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert”. www.ronridenour.com; ronrorama@gmail.com


No justice: Prosecutors throw out charges in Flint water crisis

“Words cannot express how disappointed I am that justice continues to be delayed and denied to the people of my city."

A ‘Poor People’s Moral Budget’ because ‘everybody has the right to live’

"For too long, we have turned to those with wealth and power to solve our most pressing social problems."

US cyber attack on Russia’s power grid is an ‘act of war’ (according to...

How about an international negotiation to end mutual cyber attacks that would include international controls and monitoring, and penalties for violations?

Can we talk – about John Bolton, false flag tanker attacks, World War III?

Are the Persian Gulf tankers the false flag attack that will trigger World War III?

Charles Koch ramps up higher ed funding to fuel ‘talent pipeline’

"Charles Koch is doubling down on the multi-million dollar money dumps that buy him real control over professors."