Friday, December 15, 2017
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Tamara Power-Drutis

Tamara Power-Drutis
Tamara Power-Drutis wrote this article for YES! Magazine. Tamara is the chief of staff at Amplifier, a nonpartisan art machine that flooded the streets with images of hope during the presidential inauguration and Women’s March. With a background in applied research, policy, and community engagement, Tamara is focused on projects related to American identity, voter rights, and women’s rights.


Stupidity and blindness have destroyed whatever democracy the US ever had

Republicans AND Democrats are the problem.

World Bank to end financial support for oil and gas exploration

“It is hard to overstate the significance of this historic announcement by the World Bank.”

Roy Moore’s loss signals a GOP tearing itself apart ahead of 2018

The upset win by Doug Jones in Alabama shows the Republicans have nothing to offer and everything to lose.

Black voters, specifically women, defeated Roy Moore

African American women went for Jones by a margin of 97 to three.

The great Scamazon

Instead of giving your hard-earned dollars to Amazon this holiday season consider staying local.