Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Thomas Singer

Thomas Singer is a psychiatrist and a Jungian psychoanalyst living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This essay is based on a chapter he has contributed to A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump, edited by Leonard Cruz and Steven Buser, published by Chiron Publications. Dr. Singer has written several other books, the most recent being Europe’s Many Souls: Exploring Cultural Complexes and Identities which he co-edited with Dr. Joerg Rasche of Germany.


‘What the hell is wrong with them’: GOP senators kill $35 cap on insulin

'Republicans told millions of Americans who use insulin to go to hell.'

As the war in Ukraine devastates the nation’s ecosystems, the world reaches record-high military...

Just one bomb releases a slew of toxic heavy metals into Ukraine’s soil and groundwater. Now multiply this by thousands.

Turning people into corporations?!

The market is not the go-to solution to the major problems of our age.

Hundreds of California farmworkers begin 335-mile march for voting rights

In California, hundreds of farmworkers are marching for 24 days to demand better protections against voter suppression in union elections.

Nancy Pelosi Could Get Us All Killed

“A single spark could ignite this combustible situation into a crisis that escalates to military conflict. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could provide it.”