Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Vicky Karyoti

Vicky Karyoti is a PhD Candidate at the Center for War Studies, University of Southern Denmark. Her research centers around new military technologies, and specifically how drone warfare has impacted military professionals. She is adopting a sociological approach to examine changes within a professional military group, and focuses on the key concepts of culture, status, and professionalism. She is also researching on Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Weapon Systems.


Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian: Optimism of the will

Three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

EV charging stations approved for 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico, covering 75,000...

States will have access to $1.5 billion in federal monies to build the chargers.

Noam Chomsky & Vijay Prashad on Ukraine, why US must negotiate with Russia &...

When it comes to continuing the war rather than negotiating a peace settlement, “the United States and Britain are pretty isolated on this.”

Tech billionaires are actually dumber than you think

It turns out that many of today’s billionaires are selfish, lonely men fantasizing about how they will survive the end times they have played a part in creating.

Parents like their public schools, no matter how much the charter school movement tells...

Branding public schools as “failed” institutions is more about politics than education.