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Canned hunting, a trophy hunt in which animals are raised on game ranches and confined in an enclosed area, increases the hunters’ success in killing. This term is also known as vanity hunting. 

In some instances, the animals raised in these canned hunting areas are taken as newborns from their mothers. In other instances, mostly in the case of lions in South Africa, they are bred specifically for this doomed and heinous destiny. 

There is no chance for the animal to be able to escape as they are usually fenced in. It is a brutal practice that has been banned in many places across the world. 

Unfortunately, most hunting occurs on private land, where laws protecting wildlife are hard to enforce. It has become quite a big business over the years. Only a handful of states in the US prohibit canned hunting and there is currently no federal laws preventing the practice.

We must stand up and fight for those who do not have the ability to fight for themselves. Let’s stop this horrible act of harm to animals. We have got to keep people informed about this issue in order to make change. Take the pledge to show your awareness and share this article to get others involved!

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signed 4 days ago

Life is precious, and these great animals should not be playthings, or trophies on walls.


signed 4 days ago


signed 1 week ago

While hunting can be a link to our ancient past, this is simple butchery. Why not tie the animal up and let the sick freak use a chainsaw.


signed 3 weeks ago

If they really need to do canned hunting, they should hunt each other! Thin the herd of cowardly idiots!!


signed 3 weeks ago

Sports without rivals is no sports. Canned hunting, especially with rare animals, should be banned hunting.