Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tag: Ahmed Mohamed

Family Sues School Officials For Arresting Student With Homemade Clock

Nearly a year after the incident, school officials still refuse to apologize to Ahmed and his family for their blatant ignorance and bigotry.

Charges Dropped Against 14-Year-Old Student Arrested for Making a Clock

After creating a digital clock for a school project, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing it to school. Now, after public outrage caused his story to go viral on social media, all charges have been dropped.


Copout in Cairo: ‘they’ just don’t care 

"Act now with environmental responsibility at the core of ones daily life; act now to force governments and businesses to respond, or look around in ten years and see ashes in your hands."

Inequality kills. But we can stop the killing.

So argues a gripping new book from an activist physician who’s helped divine the keys to long and healthy life.

Biden accused of selling out rail workers by urging Congress to prevent strike

"Biden is siding with corporate rail bosses over the rank-and-file workers who voted against this agreement," said one progressive commentator after the president urged lawmakers to take action to force through a deal without paid sick leave.

Why Raphael Warnock’s reelection could tip the balance for America’s economic future 

“He’s there to work. He’s not there to make the backdoor deals. I wish we could have more senators like that.”

Leading ‘sustainable’ investment funds backing fossil fuels, research finds

“Lack of regulation makes for a Wild West of sustainable fund management”, Edward Lander from Ethical Consumer said.