Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tag: Ahmed Mohamed

Family Sues School Officials For Arresting Student With Homemade Clock

Nearly a year after the incident, school officials still refuse to apologize to Ahmed and his family for their blatant ignorance and bigotry.

Charges Dropped Against 14-Year-Old Student Arrested for Making a Clock

After creating a digital clock for a school project, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing it to school. Now, after public outrage caused his story to go viral on social media, all charges have been dropped.


Donald Trump faces groundbreaking criminal trial as first former U.S. President in the dock

With jury selection underway, the world watches as this unprecedented trial unfolds, potentially reshaping America's political landscape.

Will the center hold as elections descend to a war between gut grievances vs....

While Trumpian individualism now equates with rank criminality, social activism fosters greater collective prosperity, opportunities and growth for all.

Dead on arrival

Israel’s blowback genocide.

Averting Crisis: Global Calls for Restraint as Tensions Escalate Between Israel and Iran

Amidst calls for peace, a night of retaliation heightens fears of an all-out war.

Coal capacity increased 2% globally in 2023, the most since 2016

Retire coal plants faster or 'forget about' Paris goals, energy expert says.