Sunday, October 2, 2022

Tag: Barre Seid

Who is Barre Seid? Secretive tycoon gives record $1.6 billion to...

The donor is Barre Seid, who donated all of his shares in his electronics company, Tripp Lite, to the nonprofit group run by Leonard Leo, who helped select former President Trump’s conservative Supreme Court nominees.



This one thing made Alex Jones stop lying 

It turns out there actually might be a way to stop the constant stream of lies coming from the right-wing media. Sue. Them.

Texas the biggest culprit in toxic waterway discharge in US, report finds

Texas is the No. 1 state in the U.S. for discharging of toxic pollutants into streams, rivers and lakes. 

The truth behind “self-made” billionaires

Billionaires are not made by rugged individuals. They’re made by policy failures. And a system that rewards wealth over work.

The urgent climate case for defunding the Pentagon

Is it finally time to defund war?

The climate movement was built for a world before climate change—it’s time for a...

We need a mass movement that can deal with climate disasters by training people to both protect and mobilize their communities.