Monday, October 26, 2020

Tag: Bernie Sanders

The Sanders campaign was about “us” — not Bernie — remember?

We should take Bernie at his words, and take them to heart: “Not me. Us.”

Bernie and nearly 140 lawmakers urge congressional leaders to fund health...

"Nothing is more fundamental to our recovery than the strengthening of America’s public health safety net.”

The fight for Bernie delegates is escalating — and could help...

Corporate media and powerful Democrats are eager to portray the 2020 Democratic presidential race as a thing of the past. But progressive activists have some very different ideas.

Bernie urges Treasury Secretary to clarify PPP loan forgiveness

"We encourage Treasury and the SBA to act now to avoid more confusion for small business owners and lenders."

New York cancels Democratic presidential primary and takes Sanders off the...

Bernie Sanders’ campaign advisor, Jeff Weaver calls this decision a “blow to American democracy.”

Corporate media deny their own existence, despite driving Biden’s primary victory

Corporate media appeared to deny their own existence and how the profit motive compromised their coverage throughout the primary.

Are Bernie-ites following Biden?

I was quite shocked yesterday afternoon when I learned that an African American state representative in Georgia was endorsing Trump. Is this...

Bernie’s pivot for Biden isn’t pleasant. But Trump must be defeated.

Bernie Sanders is saying that progressives have a profound responsibility to fight against -- and oust -- the extreme right-wing forces that have gained control.

Bernie introduces legislation to provide health care for all during pandemic

“During this unprecedented crisis, no one in America should delay seeking medical care because of the cost. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are only as safe as the least-insured among us.”

Honoring two men just brought down by the coronavirus pandemic

John Prine and Bernie Sanders have left a legacy, the importance of which cannot be ignored.


Why the Founders Would Decry What America has Become

If the Founding Fathers saw what the United States has become, they would be devastated. Poverty, income inequality, suppression of speaking ones mind, crime, war, and oligarch like behaviors all make up this new U.S. It is far from being the democracy it was created as.

Pandemic profiteering: Amazon caught price gouging as Jeff Bezos’s wealth soared to $200 billion

“They are looking to maximize profit during a pandemic.”

Universal mask-wearing would save nearly 130,000 lives by spring 2021, study finds

The researchers estimated what the death toll until March 2021 would be for each state if mask-wearing and social distancing mandates are put in place, versus if they are not.

Supreme Court: A superstore for the super-rich?

This is America, after all, where rich white men can buy whatever they want, including members of Congress and Supreme Court justices.

The dangerous calls for ‘herd immunity’

As we’ve seen over decades with climate change, we are sure to begin to see actual experts like epidemiologists debating highly paid public speaking shills about herd immunity on cable news in the months ahead.