Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Biden faces criticism over condemnation of pro-Palestinian campus protests

The president's portrayal of these protests as violent and lawless has not only stirred controversy, but may also deepen the rift between him and many progressive constituents.

The distortion of campus protests over Gaza

Did the right weaponize antisemitism to distract from Israel's war?

Clash at Columbia: NYPD’s aggressive response to student divestment protests sparks...

A peaceful protest at Columbia University turns tumultuous as NYPD officers deploy tear gas and draw weapons, reigniting discussions on campus freedoms and ethical investments.

American campuses erupt in protests over Gaza, drawing harsh police response...

As students across the U.S. demand university divestment and an end to military aid for Israel, aggressive crackdowns raise alarms about civil liberties.

Journalist faces felony charges amidst violent arrests at Texas University protest

Carlos Sanchez's arrest during a student protest at the University of Texas at Austin highlights tensions over press freedom and police conduct.

Pro-Palestinian campus encampments spread nationwide amid mass arrests at Columbia, NYU...

Solidarity protests and encampments are appearing on college campuses from Massachusetts to California to protest Israel’s attacks on Gaza and to call for divestment from Israeli apartheid.

Historic Gaza protests at Columbia U. enter day 6; campus protests...

Solidarity protests and encampments have now sprouted up on campuses across the country, including at Yale, MIT, Tufts, NYU, The New School and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

With eye on DeVos, students take fight for free higher education...

Students of higher education are joining together to stand up against U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and President Donald Trump.

Why College Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Have to be) for Everyone

Why do we encourage our young people through a single funnel called a four-year college education? It’s time we stop pressuring every young person to go to college and, instead, offer an alternative route into the middle class.


Biden proposes national rent control: Caps to target major corporate landlords amid soaring housing...

The announcement, scheduled for Tuesday in Nevada, comes as Biden seeks re-election and tries to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing American renters.

How to revive America and thump Trump in one fell swoop: Run a Harris-Biden...

Does Harris not resolve crippling aging issues, and that miserable debate not linked to her, presenting a youthful, energetic ex-senator and experienced VP.

Israeli military accused of massacre in al-Mawasi ‘safe zone,’ killing over 90 Palestinians

UN and international outcry as Israel justifies deadly strike by targeting Hamas.

Climate advocates sound alarm over JD Vance’s climate denial and corporate loyalties as Trump’s...

His stance shifted dramatically once he entered the political arena.

Boeing is everything wrong with American capitalism

Boeing’s descent is a case study in how American capitalism has become so rotten. Robert Reich explains.